Devonshire Green 100ml

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Devonshire Green Shaving soap is a 100% natural cold processed soap designed for men. it is made with the finest ingredients to soothe your skin while shaving.

Our cold pressed shaving soap is 100% natural and designed for men who like a real shave. It is made with skin nourishing oils such as Olive oil, Hemp seed oil and Coconut oil. These oils help to sooth the skin during and after shaving and help to create a rich lather. We have added Green Australian clay to help give sticking power to the lather and help your blade glide more smoothly across the skin. This soap is scented with patchouli and lemongrass essential  oil giving a wonderful woody fresh scent to your skin. so if you are ready to put down that commercial shaving foam full of preservatives and artificial ingredients, give this a go, you wont regret it. This product does not come with a shaving brush you can purchase this below.


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