Full Monty 15ml

Full Monty 15ml

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Customer ratings for Full Monty 15ml

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
It really smells of lavender!
from on 24/08/2019
Smooth and calming. I use it before I go to bed to help me sleep. Great product.
Great product, a bit expensive
from on 19/04/2016
I've got severe dry eczema. This product seems to be a really great moisturiser. It's a bit expensive for me as the quantity is small and I use it up quite fast as I need to apply it to the whole body. Unfortunately, won't be able to buy it on a regular basis.
Fantastic, soothing, great for dry skin and eczema
from on 24/02/2016
I suffer from eczema so regularly moisturising is a must for my skin. I have tried everything from stuff you get from the chemist to stronger prescribed creams - nothing comes close to this product for preventing flare ups and keeping my skin healthy and smooth. My brother got me this for Xmas and I have been going back for more ever since.

Completely natural ingredients and I have found the long term effects are that your skin gets stronger and healthier, unlike with many other pharmaceutical products which I have found to be just a quick fix you become dependent on rather than something that improves your skin long term. Really recommend Full Monty to anybody.
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