Events & Stockists

Events & stockists

Events & stockists

Welcome to our events and stockists page. Please find a list of all the lovely shops that stock our products, what they stock as well as any events you will be able to find us. We will post any skincare classes we are holding here and you will be able to book a space via this page.




Letter Box gifts - Stock our Dooley Scrumptious Body butter and balm

Bear Hugs Gifts - Stock our Dooley Scrumptious Body Butter

Day Zero - Stock our shampoo and conditioner bars

Millenium Galleries - Stock a wide range of our products.

Our Zero Waste Shop, Students Union - Stock a selection of soaps, bath truffles, candles and gift sets.

Yayo Familia - Stock Tattoo skincare range 

Cats Pyjamas - stock a selection of our mens range

Bare Alternative - Stock a range of our Shampoo and conditioner bars and lip balms

Makers - Stock a good selection of our natural soaps 

Glossop Wholefoods - Stock a range of our soaps, accessories, shampoo & Conditioner bars

Eco Living - Sale on face book of a mixed range of our plastic free  products

Beanies wholefoods - stock our shampoo and conditioner bars






Crookes Market - 12th May, 6th October, 1st December 2019

Perfume/Aftershave workshop - July 10th 2019 6pm-8pm

Facial oil workshop - March 26th 2019 6pm - 8pm

Basic Soap workshop    18th August 2019 12pm-3pm

Folk Forest   6th - 7th July 2019

Rite trax   3rd August 2019 12pm-9pm



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Christmas Party Make-Up 6th December 2019 6pm-8pm

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