How to brighten up your skincare routine for Autumn

How to brighten up your skincare routine for Autumn

Autumn is finally here! Now I understand autumn isn't for everyone. As the days get shorter the nights get longer and the warm summer sun has long since gone we can all feel a bit low, longing for the sun to come back. But for us Autumn lovers its time to put on our warm jumpers and boots, snuggle under blankets with loved ones and sip on those lovely pumpkin lattes by candlelight.

With these changes you may find your summer skincare routine is no longer working for you. Breakouts can occur with the cooler nights and the cool air is creating layers of build up on the skins surface. This can result in dry, dull appearance by October on skin that was previously glowing. 

We are here for you at Sheffield Skincare Company, with our lovely products and six important tips to help you transition in to Autumn.

Tip #1 Your Cleansing Routine

As we head in to the colder weather of Autumn you need a gentle cleanser, harsh SLS based cleansers can dry out the skin, causing more damage that good and stripping the skins natural acid mantle. Ideally we need to look for a PH balanced oil based cleanser, specially formulated to remove make up and grime with out drying out the skin.

Our natural balm based cleansers (All the Saints, Holy Grail and Beauchief Beauty) are perfect for this. Simply massage a small amount in to the skin then use a hot flannel or muslin cloth to gently remove and grime and make up. You skin will be super soft and not dry or tight. Our self preserving formulation has no water content so you are getting only the best ingredients for you skin.

Cleansing balms


Tip # 2 Boost Hydration

This isn't just about moisturisers. After you have cleansed the skin its important to keep the skin moist before applying your moisturiser. This is time to add in one of our facial spritz's to your routine. Our lovely facial spritz's (Young un, Stop Frettin & Oil Slick) are lightly hydrating made with plant based hydrosols of Grapefruit, Rose and Chamomile. our formulations are alcohol free so wont dry the skin or leave it tacky. This should then be followed with one of our brand NEW facial oils (clear skin, Rise and Shine & Floral Fancy) to really lock in that hydration your skin needs as we transition in to Autumn and Winter. A few drops goes a very long way and can be used on the neck and décolletage for super hydrated skin.

Floral fancy face oil

Tip # 3 Change your moisturiser

Autumn calls for a change in moisturiser as your skin begins to feel dry with the cooling air. Our luxurious facial moisturising balms discussed above are perfect to keep skin moisturised and hydrated. The best part is these are also your cleansers too, so one product does the job of two products. Using our Cleansing and moisturising balms means you only need one product. you save money and you reduce your impact on the earth with less packaging. 

A pea sized amount is all you need to add these lovely balms in to your skincare routine, a little goes a long way. With gorgeous plant based oils and waxes that easily melt in to the skin we have you covered for all your moisturising needs.

Facial Balms

Tip # 4 Exfoliate (not to much)

That cooler, dry air creates a build up on the skins surface making the skin look lacklustre and dull. This is time to add some gentle exfoliation in to your skincare routine. Our range of cleansing grains/facial masks (Yorkshire Rose, Kelham Calmer & Coil Oil) are perfect to slough away these dead skin cells while being gentle to the skin. These cleansing grains can be mixed with a liquid of your choice to create a gentle exfoliating paste to massage in to the skin. Packed with natural clays and botanicals the fine grains work away at the dead skin leaving your complexion glowing. 

Yorkshire rose exfoliating grains

Tip # 5 Add in a body butter

Dry lacklustre skin isn't just restricted to your face. Your  body could be suffering to. While Autumn generally sees us wearing more layers and covering more of your body, skin can still become dry, flaky and itchy. Out solution to this is to add a rich body butter from our collection (Full Monty, Dooley Scrumptious & Bees Knees) Our body butter range helps to restore the skin barrier and add back that much needed hydration. Our body butters are packed with natural Shea butter, plant based oils and cold pressed essential oils. Our waterless formulations means a little goes a long way. To truly trap in that hydration we advise you apply as soon as you have come out of the bath or shower. Our small 60ml tins are also perfect to keep in your handbag for when the cold hits and you need to add a little moisturisation on the go to your hands.

Full Monty Body Butter

Tip # 6 Don't forget your lips

Lip Balms are a cold weather hero here at SSCO HQ, we love a good lip balm. With the colder weather creeping in we can often find our lips become dry, chapped & cracked. Our range of lip balms are super moisturising. Made with a base of Soy wax and organic plant oils, these little hero's in a tin can add back that loss of moisture with the brush of a finger. Leaving lips super soft with the perfect pout.

Lady using lip balm



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