About Us

Sheffield Skincare Company is an independent Sheffield Company, We make only the best 100% natural skincare products, made in small batches so they reach you as fresh as possible.

The story of Sheffield Skincare Company starts back in 2001 when Megan studied herbalism and aromatherapy at Sheffield Collage. Megan gained an NVQ 2 qualification and began using herbs, oils and essential oils in her every day skin care.

At this stage Megan's application was just a hobby and she made many creams, potions and other skin care products for friends and family. After many comments from people telling her they loved the products she was creating, Megan decided to sell them commercially.

Megan has spent many a late hour in her kitchen, melting, mixing, stirring and testing to create the 100% natural unique products you see on our website and in our shop today.   

In September 2015 we opened our little shop in Crookes High Street. This has given us a great opportunity to get our products out there and to allow people to come in and try before you buy. Our shop has also allowed us to move into providing a wide range of base ingredients for those people who like to make their own skincare and we have a wide selection of bottles and jars for you to create your own unique products. 

Our mission when we set out was to create products that are all 100% natural and our promise to you is to always stick to that mission. We are very proud of the products we have created and really look forward to sharing them with you and developing new products too.


At Sheffield Skincare company we are always looking for new ways to reduce our packaging and source packaging that is plastic free, biodegradable, recyclable or free from packaging completely. We use recycled Kraft card for all our soaps and gift sets, our men's range comes in recyclable aluminium bottles, jars and tins. For those items that are in plastic packaging we have a recycle scheme that allows customers to return there empty pots for a reward stamp, we then clean and reuse these items to prevent any wastage. If you cant return your packaging, why not have a look at reusing it. We have a huge range of skincare recipe ideas on our pinterest page with detailed instructions on how to make your own skincare.

Did you know?

We have a recycle scheme for all our packaging, so every time you finish one of our lovely products you can return in to us and we will give you a reward stamp in store. If you don't live in Sheffield and you wish to return by post you can return to 243 Crookes S10 1TF with you name and email address and we will send you a gift code or 50p per item returned to take off your next order.

 *UPDATE* All our natural accessories are now packaged in Eco bags that are biodegradable!! Made with potato starches and plant cellulose these bags will degrade over the period of a month when placed on a compost heap. And because they are made with natural plant matter they are great for the soil too.

Also our packing peas are made from biodegradable corn starch so you can reuse these, pop them in your normal waste or place them in a bowl of water so they completely dissolve in to H20 and C02


All our Products are 

  • Self Preserving (made with out water content to prevent bacterial growth and spoiling

  • Free from alcohol (can dry out the skin)

  • Free from petroleum derivatives (only good skin loving ingredients used

  • Free from synthetic fragrances and colours (we only use natural colourings and pure essential oils)

  •  Strictly not tested on animals (only humans)


The only ingredients you will find in our products are

  • Natural oils and butters

  • Pure Essential oils

  • Organic Botanicals

  • Natural additives and colourings

All our products are handmade (not a machine in sight) in small batches to provide you with the freshest ingredients possible. 

You may be questioning the names of our product names and what they mean. Our product names come from local Sheffield sayings or are named after places in Sheffield, Our aim is to create a true Sheffield brand and express our passion for the place we live

We really hope you like our products and we really value your feedback. We have many other products up our sleeve which I hope to release very soon.

Pick up options since our shop closed

We now have the option to collect your orders. Since our shop closed in May 2022 and we went online we decided to help out any local customers by offering a pick up option. Out new pick up address is as follows

Good Vibrations Tattoo Studio

233 Crookes


Opening hours for collection are

Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 4pm