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Sheffield Skincare Company

Mystery Boxes

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Discover the surprise with Mystery Boxes! Each box is filled with natural skincare and mystery beauty products, perfect for a personalised spa day in the comfort of your own home. Experience a product selection that is sure to bring a smile to your face. So if you have never tried our products before now is your chance to try and save a few pounds.

Each box is guaranteed to have £30 of products and accessories contained within and you only pay £15!. No sample sizes here, only full and medium sized products will be included  (you are guaranteed 3 medium too full sized products in each box along with a couple accessories) Plus each box comes with a 10% Discount for your next order.

Why not try one today or send as a gift to someone special. We do use bees wax and honey in some of our products. *If you require vegan products in your mystery box, please leave a note when ordering in the basket

What sort of products will I get in my box?

  • Aromatherapy Box - Soy candles Wax melts, herbal teas, soap bars, soap dish, bath truffles.
  • Facial Box - Cleansing balms, face masks, facial spritz, facial oil, face cloths, crystal face roller, konjac sponge, facial steam, make up, lip balms.
  • Body Box - Body butters, body scrubs, soap bars, liquid soap, scrubs, wash mitts, cellulite busters, loofas, treatment gloves and socks, Lotion sticks
  • Bath Box - Bath oil, Bath salts, Bath truffles, Liquid soap, Soap bars, Soap dishes, Sisal and bamboo Wash Mitt, Candles.
  • Hair Box - Shampoo bars, Conditioner Bars, Hair Treatment sticks, Wooden Combs, Soap dishes


Please see each item in your mystery box for their individual ingredients. If you have any allergies please inform us so we can select your mystery box items accordingly.