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Ultimate Calming Facial Bundle

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Kelham Calmer Face Mask & Cleansing Grains (Size)
Stop Frettin Facial Spritz (Size)
Holy Grail Balm (Size)

Discover tranquility and achieve a serene complexion with our Ultimate Calming Facial Bundle, a thoughtfully curated set designed to soothe, cleanse, and hydrate your skin. This luxurious collection features three exceptional products, each crafted to bring peace and balance to your skincare routine. 

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Holy Grail Cleansing and Moisturising Balm

Begin your calming ritual with the Holy Grail Cleansing and Moisturising Balm. This indulgent balm effortlessly dissolves makeup and impurities while infusing your skin with nourishing hydration. Enriched with calming botanicals and emollient oils, it leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and deeply moisturized. Ideal for all skin types, this balm is your ultimate solution for a gentle yet effective cleanse.

Kelham Calmer Face Mask and Cleansing Grains

Unwind with the Kelham Calmer Face Mask and Cleansing Grains, a soothing blend designed to calm and rejuvenate your skin. These cleansing grains, composed of chamomile, oats, and soothing clays, provide a gentle exfoliation when mixed with water or your preferred cleanser. Follow up with the calming face mask, which is infused with stress-relieving botanicals to leave your skin feeling refreshed and balanced. Together, they work harmoniously to promote a clear and calm complexion.

Stop Fretting Chamomile Facial Spritz

Complete your calming experience with the Stop Fretting Chamomile Facial Spritz. This refreshing mist, infused with pure chamomile extract, delivers instant hydration and a calming effect to your skin. Perfect for a mid-day refresh or as the final step in your skincare routine, this spritz soothes and revitalizes, leaving your complexion serene and glowing. It's also ideal for setting makeup and calming sensitive skin throughout the day.

Why You'll Love It

  • Soothing: Each product in the bundle is formulated to calm and soothe, providing relief for stressed and sensitive skin.
  • Nourishing: Infused with natural ingredients and calming botanicals, these products nourish and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Versatile: Suitable for all skin types, this bundle addresses various skincare needs from cleansing to exfoliating to refreshing.
  • Luxurious: Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home with this premium, calming skincare collection.



How to Use
Cleanse: Start with the Holy Grail Cleansing and Moisturising Balm to remove makeup and impurities gently.
Exfoliate & Mask: Mix the Kelham Calmer Cleansing Grains with water or a cleanser and gently exfoliate your skin. Follow up with the Kelham Calmer Face Mask for a soothing treatment.
Refresh: Finish your routine with a spritz of the Stop Fretting Chamomile Facial Spritz to hydrate and calm your complexion.
Embrace tranquility and treat yourself to the Ultimate Calming Facial Bundle, unveiling your most peaceful and radiant skin yet. Perfect for daily use or as a thoughtful gift for someone special, this bundle promises to be a delightful addition to any skincare regimen.